Kynia Thrower

California-Based Healthcare Professional Kynia Thrower

Dedicated to her career in healthcare, Kynia Thrower most recently held a position as a health aide and care provider with In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS), based in Fresno, California. When working in that role, Ms. Thrower was responsible for maintaining a healthy and safe environment, helping with household tasks, and educating both families and patients.

Educated at Fresno State University, Kynia Thrower specialized in public health administration, graduating with a bachelor of science. She was a member of the honor roll and was named to the merit list. During her years in college, she worked as a call-center representative, answering customer inquiries.

Outside of work, Ms. Thrower enjoys serving as a volunteer, orking to serve meals to the homeless as a means of giving back to her community. She is also physically active, enjoying volleyball, which she likes playing with her friends when her schedule allows. Ms. Thrower also enjoys reading and is a particular fan of mystery and detective novels.

Kynia Thrower

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Kynia Thrower
Fresno, CA USA